Programming Resolutions and How To Keep Them

While Being Smart About It

Posted by Dave Anderson on January 16, 2018

This week, William, Mike and I talked about Programming Resolutions and How to Keep Them on our 45th (!!!) episode of the Rabbit Hole podcast.

We had a lot of fun egging each other on to adopt more and more goals for the year, ranging from Graphql and open source contributions (graphine), DevOps (Kuberneties), Blockchain (Solidity MORTAL CONTRACTS), taking online courses on Machine Learning and other things (Deep Learning, etc.), and ViM usage (so 733t). After taking a deep breath, we set some SMART goals to help us get through through this pile of aspirations.

For me, specifically, I’d like to contribute to open source projects, more specifically Graphine and Graphql. Applying the SMART formula to this goal, we have:

  • Specific: I’d like to contribute to Graphine or a related python/graphql library.
  • Measurable: Let’s shoot for two pull requests.
  • Achievable: Totally! Even if I take an easier route and do documentation pull requests, this will be a help to the community.
  • Relevant: As a developer using graphql in frontend and backend projects, this is super relevant. If we’re using the Resourced term instead of Relevant (as some folks I know say is more helpful), I myself am the resource and will dedicate some time every week for this task.
  • Time bound: I’ve given myself 1 month to achieve this goal.

Putting all that SMART goodness together: I’d like to contribute to the open source graphql project Graphine in the next one month by spending a couple of hours each week working on at least two pull requests for useful changes for the community (even documentation!).

There are some differing opinions about when (or if!) you should share goals with others, but hopefully getting these out there in internet land will be a positive reinforcement to get us off our butts. I’ve got a couple of other resolutions that I’ll keep in my back pocket as a control, to see if my goals that I’ve made public or those that remain private make the most progress after a couple of weeks.

Do you have any programming (or non-programming) related resolutions or SMART goals for the new year? I’d be curious to hear them!

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