I am an engineer curious how data can be used to drive software development as well as people's decisions and perceptions of the world.

Currently at Stride, as a Software development consultant, I embed with existing teams in NYC and help them be better than we found them through application of non-dogmatic agile and technology best practices.

I'm a polygot at heart, but my current technical specialties include JavaScript (React, Redux, Apollo) and Python (Django, Graphine) with a special interest in developing Graphql API technologies. In the past, I've also spent time with Ruby and Java as well.

I'm also an avid technical communicator, a co host of a weekly software engineering podcast, and am always looking for more opportunities to write and speak about emerging technology.

I completed a session at Recurse Center Retreat as part of their Winter 1 Batch. At Recurse, I focused on learning more about full-stack development and tools for data analysis.

Prior to Recurse, by day, I was a consultant and onsite team leader for a team of offshore developers. By night, I was (and still am) a bassist, traveler and dreamer.

You can find my resume here if you're curious to see more about me. Feel free to reach out at the social links at the bottom of the page, too!