Programming in the third dimension.

Hey there!

My name is Dave.

I am a polyglot full-stack software developer, across programming languages, technical layers, and the organizational stack. I’ve had over 17 years of experience at more than a dozen companies, large and small. I’ve worked on on many projects using langagues including Python, TypeScript, Ruby, Golang and Java and have adopted roles including manager, technical expert, team lead, and stakeholder manager as needed by the project.

I am a currently a Developer Consultant at Stride, where we embed on teams and strive to leave things better than we found them using the best of engineering practices paired with agile and XP methodologies. I’m also an avid technical communicator. I co-founded and co-hosted a long-running weekly software engineering podcast with more than 200 episodes and have spoken at several conferences about Python, GraphQL and API Design.

Before my time at Stride, I spent some time at the Recurse Center retreat as part of their Winter 2015/2016 Batch. At Recurse, I spent time in self-directed study of Python, machine learning, data analysis & visualization and collaborated with folks studying React, GraphQL, and cyptocurrencies.

Prior to Recurse, by day, I was a consultant leading a distributed team of full stack developers and managing a portfolio of validated healthcare and financial applications. By night, was (and still am) a musician, traveler.

Futher back, I studied Engineering at Rutgers University and grew up in Central Jersey, home of Skate and Surf festival, fat sandwiches and failed traffic experiments.

You can find my resume here if you’re curious to see more about me.

Feel free to reach out at the social links at the bottom of the page, too!